Real Estate Investing – 4 Ways to Become Wealthy As a Real Estate Investor

Many people have become millionaires by investing in real estate than through any other form of investment. The reason real estate has paved the way to riches for so many people are because there are so many different ways to become rich. Here are 4 ways to become wealthy as a real estate investor.

The best way to become rich as a real estate investor is to purchase properties at below market value. This allows you to have immediate equity in the difference between market value and your purchase price. If you hold the property for a long time, you are also able to reap the benefits of the appreciation in the home’s value. So how do you find a property at below market value? Here are 4 ways to find under priced properties. 

#1 – Dirty Houses

When you drive down a street, you immediately recognize the one house that has not been taken care of. It may have grass that has not been cut or there are visible signs that repairs have not been made to the exterior of the property. Houses that are in bad shape are referred to as dirty houses. Most homeowners do not want to purchase a property that needs an extensive amount of work. As an investor you can usually purchase these properties at below market value.

#2 – Distressed Sales

Sometimes homeowners are forced in a situation in which they need to quickly sell their property. In exchange for a quick sale they will usually sell the property at way below market value. Anyone going through a divorce, bankruptcy, job loss or relocation is a great source for quick sale.

#3 – Expired Listings

Sometimes homeowners try to sell their property but they are not able to find a buyer. They will usually have a set period of time that they have given to their real estate agent in which to list their property. If their property has not sold at the end of the listing period, it is called an expired listing. The homeowners want to sell their property but are unable. If you contact the owner you might be able to purchase their property at a discounted price.

#4 – Death

When a family member passes away, the family may inherit a home that they do not want. This is especially true if the heirs live out of town. Deaths are listed in the newspaper. You can read through these listings and contact the executor of the estate to see if the heirs are willing to sell. Usually the heirs do not know the value of the property and might be willing to sell it to you at below market value.