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China Investment Research: Pollution Weighing Down China’s Future

In an article recently penned by The Guardian, “China’s burgeoning middle class has lodged its first mass challenge against the government by staging a large environmental protest in southern China.” In China, environmental issues are typically neglected as the country concentrates on its rise as an economic power. Even with increasing interest in environmental reform around the world, cancer caused by pollution, is the leading cause of death in 30 Chinese cities and 78 counties, the Ministry of Health says. How does this affect China’s economic future? This is no longer a topic for environmentalists. More than ever, pollution should be taken into consideration when conducting China investment research or China company research.

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Investing Wisely In Gold

Financial experts largely promote the idea that the key to any strong financial portfolio these days is diversity. If in the past stocks and shares were considered the best investment routes, nowadays they are largely insufficient. Paper money all over the world also showed fluctuating rates, while the inflation and deflation indexes have added to their instability. The real estate bubbles and drop-downs foremost proved unreliable. Commodities in general gained ground recently, and especially the most popular of the precious metals: gold.

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